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July 26, 2022, 12:37 p.m. -  Cooper Quinn

Top Fuel, Spur, Element, etc... all ideal for something like the Vedder Classic, really. Or NIMBY50. They're BCBR bikes.  Tires have a big impact - and are one of the hardest spec choices - on these bikes, too. I discussed it a bit [here](, but upgrading is a challenge. And possibly to be somewhat avoided?  Uprated tires might mean you need uprated brakes. Uprated suspension/overforking means you might need more tires. And/or a bigger rear shock to keep pace. Suddenly, you've spent a pile of money, and you kinda just bought the wrong bike. But if you don't upgrade somethings, you're going to (potentially) shred tires, eat bushings, break wheels..... because its all very lightweight stuff. But the geometry says "HARDER". Its a bit of a conundrum sometimes.

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