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Jan. 13, 2017, 7:23 a.m. -  Metacomet

#!markdown @disqus_NM9vI6sriN:disqus @leelau:disqus Sooooo, in the spirit of Uncle Dave. Can we all at least begin to agree on what these things should be called? Seriously. We don't even know what the hell to call these things in order to make a proper distinction that separates it from Bicycle, Mountain Bike, Bike, etc. The term moped has taken on a new meaning over the years, and morphed into what we now know it as. But the now Vintage "Mopeds" were named as such because they had a motor, and pedals. There was never any mistaking it for a bicycle even though you could pedal the thing when it ran out of power or gas, or just to increase its range. I mean, it had a motor! So what if it has pedals! That thing is def not a "Bike"! They abandoned the pedals, but the name stuck. If electric Motorcycles had existed at the time when these were being created, they probably would have adopted the electric motor as well. That's kind of where we are at again isn't it? Reinventing those vintage mopeds, but this time more in the image of a bicycle, and now with advanced and compact electric motors and batteries. Ahhhh! And the NAME! They are flat out just calling them Bikes this time around and sticking a little E in front of it. Sneaky bastards. So how about Electropeds? More representative of what they are, what they are not, and what they will entirely likely progress into, and currently already are in versions that have a throttle installed. I dunno. Maybe I am insane.

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