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Oct. 22, 2014, 9:58 a.m. -  Andrew Gower

#!markdown I still ride both Flats and Spuds. I ride Spuds on my 29er Trail Bike - a Banshee Prime. I really like the whole "connected to the bike" feel. However, the super sketchy "OMG - I'm going to die!" feeling I get on skinnies (we still have some here on the Island) isn't my favorite. I have flats on my Park / DH Bike - a Banshee Scythe. I like knowing that, at speed, I can get my feet clear instantly. The combo of Straitline pedals and 510 shoes makes them almost as grippy as the Spuds. I'll keep both thanks. Good read - my pedal choice has followed a similar evolution.

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