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Oct. 23, 2014, 10:04 p.m. -  BigWave Dave

#!markdown Based on the context of most of the posts here I hesitate to say this, but with pedals, I go both ways. Although they're hard to find, there are a few good dual sided pedals (Wellgo Wam D-10s for ex) that have good flats with pins on one side and shimano style clipless on the other. When free- riding/jumping I ride the flats, as soon as it goes flat, uneventful, or uphill, I clip in. My downhill bike is typically a flats only affair, but with 90% of my cross-country, park, freeriding, and even downhill riding done on my all-purpose rig - it's an easy solution to those who are torn. If you can kick a pedal over then there's no need to have to commit to one or the other. Is this popular? Who give a crap!

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