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Oct. 30, 2014, 3:36 p.m. -  RyanLeech

#!markdown Thanks for the sharing your pedal journey Cam, I love this topic. Cam, what was your experience with technical skill development during your time on flats vs clips? For me, I learned how to ride trials with clips, then I swapped to flats and immediately sucked, but since my hero's (Hans & Libor, Ot, etc) rode flats, I stuck it out and soon sky rocketed past my previous clipless skill level. I had to re-learn skills, but with flats I was forced to learn by using my whole body as a unit instead of shortcutting to yanks of the clips. I ride a lot of trail these days, and still haven't come up with any reason to switch to clips, my feet never bounce off on rough sections, and if they ever did I know I was going too fast for my own good! If you're racing, dh or xc, that's another story, every second counts, not recreationally though…even last year when I did bcbr I rode flats, I discovered that on a few rare and rough pieces of undulating fast single track sections clips would have allowed me to keep mashing the pedals and applying power, but I was still keeping up quite happily to satisfy my recreational competitiveness. Wow, I can blab on about flats!….One other opinion I have is that new riders best be encouraged to start with flat pedals until they learn the basics, at which time they can experiment with clips. Cheers!

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