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June 30, 2022, 12:54 a.m. -  danithemechanic

I think this generalization has ended about 10 years ago. Everything has hydraulics, electronics, different materials and more generally, at least requires a torque wrench even just to be sure not to fuck it up.  Sure it will never be as complicated as a car because there's thousands less parts involved, but it'll still be nice to have a wheel tech, a suspension tech, a brakes tech, an electronic tech, ... Instead of a single person that has to know all of this, plus the other 50 years prior of outdated technology, and still be up to date with the latest. I'm happy to learn all i can of everything in my job either past, present and future; it's an impressive feat but really exciting. I just think that the prices and technology of the latest machines could justify an update in the way we work too.

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