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June 23, 2022, 11:27 a.m. -  LWK

This was a great review.  I think alot of what we get with Rockshox and Fox is familiarity and marketing, not necessarily better suspension.  And the creaking CSU business is unacceptable IMO.  My 2020 Factory 36 is literally the first 36 I've ever had that actually feels pretty good.  2018 Lyric was ok but didnt overly impress me.  My 2019 Factory 40 is meh.  I believe its set up correctly (used shock wiz and settings are pretty close to recommended) but its somewhat harsh.  My Mattoc Pro (120mm) seemed to be really good.  I have a 160 Mezzer that will be going on a new bike next week and looking forward to that.  Suspension technology is (or should be...) well known at this point and its not the proprietary domain of two brands.  I feel I've been overly influenced by branding in the past and going forward would actively consider (prefer) riding something other than Fox or RS.

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