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June 23, 2022, 10:54 a.m. -  LWK

Glad you've had good experience but I'll offer additional anecdotal evidence in the other direction.  I was late to the dropper game due to the never ending reliability horror stories with the early ones.  I bought a 9point8 as the original reviews were great, including reliability.  My first one basically met those expectations.  I then bought a second one for my other bike.  Nothing but trouble.  Would not hold air, no warranty response, etc.  Agree the seat clamping mech is genius but that was only because I had to take the seat off every 2nd ride to add air to the stupid thing!  One of their marketing claims was they work well in the winter - mine didnt...  According to my LBS, my experience mirrored their larger sample size.  If you got one that worked it was great.  But it was 50-50 odds if that happened and manufacturer/warranty support was poor.  They were close to $500 each and not sure I've ever been so disappointed in a MTB equipment purchase.  This was several years ago and maybe (hopefully) the newer ones are better.

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