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Aug. 18, 2015, 9:48 p.m. -  DrewM

#!markdown Regarding the "AM" look vs. "AM" function, maybe your over-the-bars-XC-race- loser-stereotype is going for maximum - dare I say equivalent - protection at a minimum weight and maximum airflow? Other than the possibility of a small pointy object penetrating through more obvious (and better functioning) venting what extra protection is this helmet really providing over a similarly high end XC lid? Don't get me wrong. Helmets = Good. Whatever style/brand/colour/graphic of helmet you want to wear (same goes for socks) = Good. But, can anyone show one example of how having your helmet drop down a bit lower in the back provides any extra real world protection? I've seen, what I would call, A Lot of smooshed helmets that were wrecked MtBing. Most were damaged on the front (front-top or front-sides), and a few on the top from headers. I've yet to see a helmet (or even a photo of a helmet) with damage on the back.

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