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June 22, 2022, 2:28 p.m. -  Ryan Walters

I even tried the "preventative" loctite solution (inverting fork and dripping bearing retainer in the groove between steerer and crown, and letting it sit overnight), but I think this idea is dubious at best. Loctite won't really seep down into the interface. And I ended up creaking anyway. To be fair, it took a while to creak, and in my case, Sram was good about replacing it promptly. I did buy it new, and had receipts, etc. I understand the Fox 38s to be better, and maybe the newer Zebs are better as well (mine was an early model). I've heard that the Durolux 36 CSUs have been very good, and I'd suspect the Durolux 38 to be as good or better.

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