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June 22, 2022, 9:55 a.m. -  HollyBoni

To me "setting up" means you adjust stuff until the suspension (or anything else on the bike) is working optimally. Imagine that you couldn't fine tune a derailleur for example. Hey, it's easier to "set up", but you can't actually get it to shift good, but it sort of moves the chain around on the cassette. Makes no sense to me. Hard(er) to set up suspension when you don't have enough external adjustments. But maybe my definition is wrong. If you have a bunch of knobs but you're lazy, just turn everything in the middle or something. The end result might be just as bad as a factory tune that's incorrect for you on a fork/shock where you have no way of adjusting things, and the "setting up" part wasn't harder/more involving etc. For example my Pike Select+ sucked in stock form. Felt like I was riding an air spring with no compression damping. The LSC knob made zero (seriously) difference. Got it tuned and now it performs so great, but that was a bit more involved than just twisting a few knobs. By my definition, I couldn't actually set up the fork.

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