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June 22, 2022, 6:23 a.m. -  Ryan Walters

My experience with various air forks has taught me that proper setup is a lot more complicated than it may seem. Every fork is a bit different, and there are many things to consider (things that are difficult to get hard data on), like the static volume of the positive and negative air chambers. At the settings I settled on, I was still able to bottom the Durolux on occasion, and the stickiness was only an issue at very top of travel. Once the fork was moving, it was less noticeable. If I removed tokens (all of them!?), I would have to substantially increase the air pressure, making the top of travel even stiffer. I like a good ramp up in my fork, and through plenty of experimentation, I’ve never run a fork without a fair amount of tokens. Case in point: I run my Zeb with the max number of tokens, and it feels dreamy. The difference in suppleness between Zeb and Durolux is huge. I think the Durolux issue boils down to the damper and possibly tight bushings. Riding style also has a lot to do with setup - I tend to ride quite forward on the bike, so I need extra support in the fork. That said, you've given me an idea - out of sheer curiosity, I'll take all the spacers out of my Zeb and reset the air pressure to achieve the same sag. I'll go for a ride or two, and try to report back here.....

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