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June 21, 2022, 11:47 p.m. -  HollyBoni

I have a bike with the same travel and similar geo and i'm actually wondering whether a bigger bike or smaller bike would make more sense. I think that a bike like this is kind of at a tipping point. You have most of the burly components and the weight of a bigger bike, just not the travel. After owning my 150 bike for almost a year now, i'm constantly wondering what I would give up with something like a 170 bike that weighed the same or nearly the same (which is easily achievable), and I can't really come up with anything (I don't mind being overbiked at all, and I love feeling the suspension doing all the work instead of me). I do all day rides often, but I don't care about my average speed at all (sometimes I go bikepacking with my 150 FS). Being a light dude i'm fairly sure I could easily get away with something like a longer travel 36 and not super burly tyres. If the kinematics are right, I don't think a bike with +20mm travel would necessarily pedal worse?  If I really cared about pedalling, i'd go with something that's substantially lighter. Dunno, I might be wrong about everything. But personally I don't think my next bike is going to be in the 150 range.

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