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Aug. 19, 2015, 8:39 a.m. -  Raymond Epstein

#!markdown "Can we talk about vents for a second, though? I use ‘em to stick my glasses in, but it’s gotten harder. Helmet co’s need to work this out." This is one of the main reasons I like the Bell Super so much and why I stopped using my POC. I'm old school and haven't gotten into the goggles thing. Pretty much any spectacles will fit securely fit beneath the Super's articulating visor without impairing one's view. They are easy to remove and replace while riding too and do not look completely ridiculous either in said position. I'm hoping this will work with the Montaro as like you I am a "hair soaker". The Super gets very hot down here in the dirty south so the nifty ventilation and the Sham-Wow ability of Montaro (although I likely will refer to it as the "Montana" as a tip of my helmet to Mr Pacino's iconic character) has me interested.

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