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June 20, 2022, 8:40 a.m. -  william bailey

Wow kind of a rude response imo. Maybe Rocky realized they spec'd the wrong material and started to add the grease ports when the started seeing failures to tried to solve a problem that never should have existed. I'm a millwright and mechanic , not a noob. Bearings and bushings are designed with a purpose and the engineers who design them shudder when people do things like this without understanding the concept or material they are working with. Do you grease the new greaseless bearings from skf as well or would that be ridiculous?  Grab that impact and ratchet up your grips dude and grease away to your hearts content.   I was only trying to say that Igus bushings are not designed to be greased ang doing so can actually introduce contaminants be counterproductive.

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