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June 18, 2022, 7:47 p.m. -  Kris Rayner

This hits home for many reasons.  My father was a self employed mechanic who kept many, many things for that "just in case" scenario.  Pretty sure I overcompensate for that by throwing away many good things because I tripped over it twice and got mad. But between cycling and my recent adoption of motorcycling, I'm on a dangerous precipice. An older friend of mine passed away a little bit ago. He was an old time motorcycle magazine employee (advertising) and had so many unfinished projects I tried to help him with, but inevitably one thing leads to another.  He had a lot of cool vintage stuff, like old race Triumphs that actually ran at Bonneville.  But after he passed, one mans treasure turned into his spouses nightmare.  What to do with all of it? The only one who knew the true worth was long gone.  Recently I found this article on [Revzilla and it reinforced the need to simplify.](  I am by no means a minimalist, but I work hard to not have sentimental attachment to things that qualify for the house fire scenario.

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