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June 17, 2022, 1:48 p.m. -  cyclotoine

While I have owned multiple dirtbikes in my past. I have made a loose commitment to myself to not own any motorized off-road vehicles. An e-bike will likely change that... Right now I just have too many flipper bikes. I can't resist a good deal on a functional piece of transportation that needs a little love to become a solid commuter for someone. This means I have 5-10 too many bikes at any ones time. Like others, having kids is making this practice less tenable and I might have to cull the heard to essential bikes only. I also have about 5 "collector" bikes and as each year passes I come closer to deciding to sell them. Unfortunately, I think the COVID collector boom is waning but Cook's cranks are worth north of $500 these days, it's crazy.

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