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June 17, 2022, 10:32 a.m. -  kcy4130

Also, I like re-purposing old parts. I screwed some old seatposts (rigid ones and a gen 1 reverb) onto a 2x4 turning them into hooks for hanging garden hoses and extension cords on. I'm thinking about redoing it with posts spaced out with derelict hubs screwed to the 2x4 as hooks between the posts. I want to screw some old wheels to the exterior wall of my garage for a vine plant to climb on. I put a viney, hanging house plant into an old crashed full face, with the plants hanging out the face hole and down the back, thereby representing my brain cells draining out the last time I wore that helmet. It's hung from the chin strap in my living room. Three dh frames hanging as deco, a few forks. I like it all.

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