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June 14, 2022, 7:58 p.m. -  Lu Kz

To my knowledge they're all fully compatible front/rear - although I'll admit I've never put a carbon rear end on an alloy front, or mixed stay materials. But otherwise, the SKU for the C50 (carbon front alloy rear in most generations)'s stay is the same as the SKU for the stay on the alloy models, and carbon rear ends are on the C70s and up - with some exceptions like the previous slayer (full carbon), current slayer (always alloy rear end) , and various iterations of the element/thunderbolt, among others. Before relying on this and building up a mishmash of frame parts, it's best to drop Rocky a line on this one - and you'll have to, Rocky won't sell these parts even out of warranty without the warranty paperwork getting done - they want their data!  Many shop folks will not hesitate to tell you how annoying this is, by the way. In fact, when it comes to anything more modern than a Flatline, Rocky doesn't even paint the part until the order comes in. This helps them massively reduce SKUs, offer way better options for customers (no ugly random colour seat stay on an otherwise nice bike)*, and certainly helps them maintain such an impressive back catalogue, at the expense of a slightly longer lead times. I've even seen a customer with a warrantied bike get to pick \*any\* colour combo in that generation's model catalogue on for his fresh replacement frame, although I certainly wouldn't count on that for anyone.  *there are a few 2016 blue maidens floating around from a rental fleet with black rear ends, to my knowledge this was done to keep bikes going out ASAP and the choice of the fleet owner. The other exception is the front triangle from their alloy instinct recall doesn't match all the instict/pipeline rear ends perfectly, but most look pretty darn good.

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