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June 14, 2022, 12:37 p.m. -  Andrew Major

Just to be clear, you’re not quoting me here: ‘_but I wouldn’t put them on the pedestal of “ought to command insane used values…”’_ I think when it comes to used rigs it’s a sellers market to a ridiculous level right now. Many used bikes are way over priced assuming folks gets close to where they list them. Especially older bikes where it’s a bit of a gamble how many of their nine lives have been used.  I do think - like Santa Cruz and Yeti, hahahaha - Rocky Mountain’s long term support for frame components and service parts is better than most. That should create more confidence for the purchaser (and the seller). Mine was more a comment that they’re not hard bikes to sell on the used market. ——— It’s not just assumed?!!! Other than mentioning the dropper post this one was more of a ‘what we did’ than ‘what I would do’ but certainly you couldn’t go wrong slacking it out a bit more.

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