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Aug. 19, 2015, 10:32 a.m. -  unclebob

#!markdown I enjoyed the article as well. I too, am a bit older. I watched Semenuk win last year, from the slope on the left of the course. I thought it was great. I have no ff'ing idea wtf slopestyle has to do with mountain biking. But…I cannot play tennis, hate it when I am talked into trying but love to watch it. Sometimes life is not about making sense. A life attempting to rationalize everything will leave you behind. Whistler is a vacation land for me, it's not real. I have a full blown dh rig that gets ridden as often as I do. Not too much. And that kid who hit you with the band-aid, pulled some hair off you and hit your junk. That kid is living….he is hucking off the proverbial drop of life. Just making Sh#t up. Much love to all.

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