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June 13, 2022, 2:28 p.m. -  BlazersDad89

Mortiz, if your brother ever wants to chat, have him PM me. I'm 11 years into a spinal fusion after having my T1 replaced(not from a bike accident). C6 and C7 got fused together in the process(6 vertebae fused in total).  The good news is, doctors these days are pretty darn good and I'd definitely say that I bounced back to 99%. Hopefully it looks like your brother is doing the same. The bad news is that, while not as bad as a lower spinal fusion which has to handle more load from your body weight, he lost one of his shock absorbers for his spine and compressing forces tend feel localized in that area. Would not be surprised if things like jogging and other activities that involve repeated compressions eventually become tougher/painful.  Best of luck to your brother in his recovery.

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