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June 13, 2022, 7:34 a.m. -  Andrew Major

It’s funny, I haven’t talked to Pete in at least a decade. Probably longer. But I still hear his voice whenever I’m looking at machined products. His tone is so chill, nonchalant, but they should put out a recording of him explaining why every millimetre of the Overlord stem is exactly the way it is from this curve to that bolt spacing and I think a lot of folks would be surprised how much quiet-passion and thought is carved out of that block of aluminum.  I’m an old nerd so I would have enjoyed it if they’d touched on some of the old, original, solutions that carried the NSB brand. Their hex-key axle nuts from when everyone was switching their Shimano hubs to solid axles but didn’t want to carry a wrench to change flats. Their Hanger-Banger solution as we all tried to balance derailleur vs. hanger resilience. I still use their tidy rack/fender blocks on my cargo rig.

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