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June 10, 2022, 5:30 p.m. -  slimchances57

With the "Quiver" marketing scheme, the cycling industry has created and sold the necessity for narrowly focused bikes for every conceivable terrain or cycling discipline \[real or imagined\] . Basically, a time trial bike for every occasion: Dirt. Dirt uphill. Dirt downhill. Dirt off cliffs. Road. Road climbs. Smooth flat road. Dirt roads. Muddy dirt roads, etc, etc.... And all the bits, baubles and apparel that's required to "optimize" one's performance in whatever discipline one is focusing on @ that moment. An arrow and wardrobe for every kind of hunt. Huzzah! Human beings are marvelously versatile and adaptable to a given situation, or eventuality with amazing compensatory gifts for managing their body's direction and speed while in motion. On or off a bike. A good/great rider can handle any kind of discipline or terrain with something less than the optimal TT bike for what generally amounts to a minority of a most bike rides. A good hunter can use any number of methods and weapons to subdue their prey. "Gravel bikes" are both the latest attempt to create yet another discipline and TT bike, and conversely, they're the middle finger at the plethora of different TT bikes in many a "serious" cyclist's "quiver" the industry has hawked as a necessity for a successful ride: A bike that come cover a WIDE range of applications, useful for any hunt. It's not the quiver, nor the arrow, nor the bow, that make a successful hunt, it's the hunter.

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