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June 1, 2022, 5:24 p.m. -  Sethsg

I wonder if the cassete will start to loosen up after a while on the freehub? I have a SunRace 12spd cassete, it goes on an included adapter that goes over the XD freehub. For some reason, all the cogs are loose on the adapter (it isn't even worn and looks brand-new) I wonder if there could have been a manufacturing problem.  it's just super annoying because the bike has an i9 rear hub, and the high engagement is now non-existant because the cogs rotate 4-5 degrees.  Also, my bike is super loud and sounds like my spring and shock are loose because of the cassete nocking back and forth over bumps. A side note, if there is anyone who has an i9 Hydra MS freehub they would trade for an XD one shoot me a message.

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