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May 28, 2022, 11:28 a.m. -  ohio

I now have HBO front (Mezzer Pro) and rear (EXT Storia), and this setup is many miles ahead of my last (2019 Fox 36 GRIP2 Factory, 2019 DHX2 Factory), I'd be very hard-pressed to decide whether it is more important in the front and rear. Seems to me it's important in both, so when using the word "ultimate" to describe your products, you can't credibly really debate if it's \*less\* important. I'm not sensitive or tuned in enough to know which of the features between my current and old Fox setup is making the most difference, since obviously there are many differences between the two, but I'd be hard-pressed to go "back" to forks or shock without HBO. Ditto for IRT/dual-positive air chambers - I'd have to really believe in the mid-stroke support from a single chamber.  As someone with chronic left wrist/hand issues, the buttercups are the most intriguing part of this launch, but aren't enough to make me switch.

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