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May 18, 2022, 9:16 a.m. -  RNAYEL

Great addition to the makers series! A little story from my recent interactions with Chromag... Due to inattention, and lack of care on my part, the dropper post in my 2019 Chromag Primer seized. Through their instagram, I found out that Chromag mechanic Pete Fowler (@pinnermachineshop in instagram) had built a jig for removing seat posts. At the end of 2021, I reached out to Chromag and scheduled a drop off time. Showed up with my frame in hand. Spoke with the guys, and they told me to come back in an hour or so. Went down the street to grab a coffee.  After an hour of work the seat post had been removed from the frame, unscathed. Left some beer, picked up a few things in their shop and was on my way. Customer service was tops, and the best part of all, neither my frame or seat post were damaged in the process. I've owned 4 Chromags (Stylus 26", Rootdown v1, Rootdown v2, Primer) over the years and look forward to riding many more in the years to come. Wishing them continued success.

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