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May 16, 2022, 10:08 a.m. -  Justin White

It might be expensive compared to a low-end trailer or a cheap back-seat. But... You don't want a back-seat. It's so awkward, especially if (when) they're flailing around trying to look past you, or trying to grab things along side the trail (because that's inevitable if their hands are free). Plus, having weight that high up directly over the back wheel makes the bike so unbalanced. Tough to load, to ride, to stop, to unload, everything about it becomes unbalanced and awkward. Front-riding is SO much better for both the driver and the passenger. They're right in between your arms, moving with you, and they're holding on to the bars, so flailing is minimal. Even if they are wiggling around, it doesn't upset the bike nearly as much as a back-seat, barely at all in fact. And trailers are great for when they're too young or small for a front-ride, but every kid I know who has done both would rather be up front than down in the trailer. So, yeah, might be expensive compared to the bare minimum alternatives, but actually quite reasonable for the real-world experience.

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