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May 13, 2022, 6:34 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Nothing to do with compound. What other 2.8/3” tires did you try as a comparison? Yes, the sidewall makes them finicky to get pressure dialed (not a Maxxis specific issue - tire manufacturers/spec ‘killed’ Plus no doubt) but that aside, there are few proper-knobby Plus tires I don’t think are better. Just looking at tread. The gap between the center and side knobs on the Plus DHF is huge so I found them unpredictable for anything but riding in a straight line (I’m not great at cornering as it is, and need all the help I can get from my tires). The big DHF was just okay (benefits of Plus still there with air pressure dialed) until I tried other rubber - 3” SE4 (29+), 2.8” Vigi, 2.8” Butcher (27+), even the 2.8” Nobby Nic was an improvement. It’s something that other riders - I often bring up James @ Obsession: Bikes as a strong technical Shore rider who experimented a lot with 27+ - experienced as well. I ended up giving my almost fresh DHF Plus tires away to friends (27+ and 29+) which probably sums up my experience.

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