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May 12, 2022, 8:01 a.m. -  Mike Ferrentino

Noted to all of your comments on this image, and my sincere apologies for the insensitivity. I was not, in any way, using that image to glorify Custer or the entire genocidal abuse of indigenous peoples by white men on a manifest destiny fueled empire grab. Custer's last stand, to me, represents hubris and overreach and arrogance. I didn't choose it because I though there was anything heroic or inspirational about it, but because it was - to my thinking, at least - a shining example of "paying the piper." To quote a lyric from The Minutemen: I believe when they found the body of General George A. Custer / Quilled like a porcupine with Indian arrows / He didn't die with any honour, any dignity, nor any valour I wouldn't doubt when they found George A. Custer / An American General, Patriot Indian fighter / He died with shit in his pants You are right, though. Without some very explicit explanation, that was a poor and culturally insensitive image choice. I'll talk with the boss and nuke it for something less offensive.

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