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May 12, 2022, 4:24 a.m. -  Lynx .

When you make such a hard lined, statement _(lots did, mainly big corps and now 29ers are their bread and butter)_ and you're a small company/brand, that is just plain arrogant AF, and silly AF, they missed out on so many sales over the years because they did not embrace it, early like they could have - they had a great suspension platform to build off of.  Just because you, an advanced rider doesn't like the 29ers you've tested, doesn't mean anything, it's not about the elite 1% rider, it's about the rest of the hacks, like me, you know, the majority, who greatly benefit from the extra roll over and grip, allowing for much less aggressive tyres while still getting the same level of grip in a faster rolling package. Then again, I guess small buliders/companies are also allowed the "let's sit, wait and watch what/how everyone else does it, take notes and then make ours using everyone elses", but that's not how I generally think of small brands, they lead or they perish, but I guess when you have a following like Knolly and are happy staying small, then :-\ I can say with certainty that I won't ever make a hard statement like that and ever go back on it, I'm not so arrogant, I might say I don't think something is good or right, but I won't flat out refuse to use/try something and ever go back on that, I can promise you that. To those few Knolly lemmings who negged my comments, without even having the cahones to reply, because I don't swoon over their brand, your bikes will still ride just how they did before even if someone isn't a fan, but sure do wish you kids luck in life if stuff like that gets your panties in such a twist. _BTW, was a fan, thought the suspension design was fantastic, would have made a great platform to build an aggresive 29er on, great early adopter of the big hoops and lead the way, but they didn't, but luckily Banshee wasn't so short sighted._

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