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May 12, 2022, 12:42 a.m. -  danithemechanic

Turns out i'm 37, and i have yet to break a bone.  I've been riding bmx, skateboarding, snowboarding, road and off road bikes of all kinds for 25 years now. Growing up the idea of getting hurt was that of losing time, time you take away from the things that give meaning to life; so i tried to develop  a sixth sense for consequences, and if my bikers sense are tingling i'm just not going to hit this or that feature, mainly a jump; but i'm always hitting that technical rock section, mostly by eye sight first time on an open helmet. I came to the conclusion it's all a matter of it being worth, to me. I always explain my much less experienced friends, when i don't jump the easiest jump they do, if anything goes wrong i'll be pissed being hurt because of that. Then i dive with a grin into the next rock face, sometimes showing them how slow and safe you can do it. This is what i love about mountain biking, you can progress at such a slow rate you can get really good without any stupid risk. But you need to be aware, in the present moment, or recognize you're not and take it easier.

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