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May 11, 2022, 5:32 p.m. -  Pete Roggeman

From one of the last paragraphs, Mark wrote: "Which build? I can't imagine the titanium rides any different than the steel; it's just a touch lighter and a lot prettier if a raw finish is your thing." It's also the first hardtail he's owned in a long time so I think the omission is just based on the fact that it would be speculation. The plan for Deniz was to follow up his [steel Tyaughton]( review with some time aboard the Ti version so he could compare directly. But, as Mark stated, Knolly has been sold out of the Ti since then, so they haven't had one available for Deniz to ride. And I am not speaking from experience here, but my own speculation would be that the Ti and Steel would feel similar. Perhaps a really discerning hardtailer could pick out some nuance, but larger wheels, beefier tires, longer and better damped forks (to say nothing of carbon bars and things like inserts) could all contribute to masking some of the differences that used to be more obvious between different hardtails (and which are downright easy to feel on a road bike).

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