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May 10, 2022, 2:20 p.m. -  Lynx .

Man, had heard of the bike, but never checked it out, that's a really nice bike, geo, spec., on point for me too. Think you made a great choice, that is such a sweet, all-round HT that should have you covered everywhere. Colour is the only thing I'm not too sure on for me, in some photos it looks really nice, in others, so-so - but you could change/enhance that with some frame protection stickers/vinyl. As you say some things could be upgraded, but pretty damn go straight out and ride build kit. The brakes are the only thing there that might be needing an upgrade, just remember those are resin only rotors, so if you're upgrading to say 180/203, you probably want to get both instead of reusing one of the original ones. The M5100 4 piston Shimanos seem to get rave reviews, maybe you could just get a caliper and swap it into the front, coupled with a 203mm rotor, your braking would improve immensely. Everything else is upgrade as wears out good IMHO. Only thing I shake my head at is calling it an SLX build when the only SLX part is the RD, everything else is Deore - I'd take an XT shifter and Deore RD over Deore shifter and SLX RD.

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