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May 10, 2022, 1:26 p.m. -  Lynx .

@Lu Kz you've just named 2 of the biggest companies and followers in the market, who've I've no respect for because that's all they ever do. Giant thought 29ers were a fad, so they didn't do them, but then realised too late this was no flash in the pan thing and so went all in on 650B, pushed super hard for people to call it 27.5" and try to make people believe it was closer to 29" than 26", when in fact 650B is closer to 27" and 26" is also closer to 27" than 26" and 29" is 29"+. Spesh built 650B because the press did as the big corporates said and pushed it hard and people ate up the "more playful, flickable" and all the other BS they were touting. NEITHER of those companies said they'd never make a 29er, Noel flat out stated he would NEVER EVER make one because they were clumsy and awkward. Niner, they're like Trump to me, I don't take them seriously about anything.

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