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May 10, 2022, 9:35 a.m. -  Andrew Major

The median household income in North Vancouver is somewhere between $100,000-to-$110,000 depending on whose numbers you use. Everything I can find is pre-pandemic. Average household net-worth is closer to a million bucks ($850,000-to-$1,000,000) again depending on whose numbers you use. Clearly not scientific as I’m not including West Van mountain bikers (higher median income and net-worth) and NSMBA members from outside the Shore but I still think it paints a picture when the median income for BC is some 20k less and household net-worth is less than half.  Anyway, back to NSMBA survey, again of a limited (~700) number of members and also more recent numbers, so I wouldn’t know where to begin calculating margin of error but let’s say it’s +/- 10% or even a bit higher. We’re talking about (with a margin of error) some 70% of NSMBA members being from households at or above the median income.

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