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May 9, 2022, 2:53 p.m. -  Gage Wright

Maybe the article should looks at just numbers of those who ride and the cost to budget comparison of local builders (rogue and sanctioned) to understand the argument.  I would love to see detailed cost breakdowns of all trail systems in order for the public to truly see how much goes into the network of trails that make the North Shore and other places so special.  The other side of the coin is getting hard numbers of trail network users (sanctioned and rogue). In the end I believe the argument by Andrew to be, there are more people benefiting from than giving to the sport/community of mountain biking.  Underlying this generalization is the premise that many more people can afford to give back to the trails; more precisely the builders, organizers and trail organizations, than actually do.  The content, re. dentist, is a bit of tongue and cheek cliche.  The broader issue is the relevant reality to Andrew's satire.

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