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May 9, 2022, 10:52 a.m. -  Pete Roggeman

You may be conflating the difference between writing about an individual (very important to give opportunity for comment) and writing about a group as a whole (less important, especially for a tongue-in-cheek premise such as Andrew is making here that nobody is going to label as 'harmful to dentists'), as well as the difference between sponsorship and (anonymous) donations.  If you really think Andrew's article would have been helped out by calling all the dentists on the shore, I'd invite you to understand that would mean far fewer articles from Andrew since he'd either be spending his time calling dental offices instead of writing, wrenching, or riding, or not writing pieces like this at all.  Yes, do call out times when a standard could be higher but no, don't be unrealistic. This is not a take down of dentists, and if there are dentists in any of the regions mentioned that want to stick their hand up about the unseen support of mountain biking they've provided that was so unfairly missed here, they're more than welcome to sound off or get in touch so we can set the record straight. If we back up and look at the larger picture, I think it's pretty obvious here.

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