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May 9, 2022, 9:24 a.m. -  dsc

My wife is a dentist (spouses-of-dentists-bikes aren't nearly as nice, in case you were wondering), and in the US at least, local independent dentist offices are being bought by corporate conglomerates at an astonishing rate - the majority are now under this ownership model. It's very similar to what you've written elsewhere about bike shops. This could have something to do with many of them being less plugged into the local scene, causes, etc. Those type of sponsorships might not fit with the national corporation's bottom line, or even be on their radar. In the activities/causes that are analogous in our area (mountain biking isn't a big thing here), the office my wife works at (which is still independently owned) does public sponsorships, but also gives discounted/free services to lots of participants and pros in those areas. I know this type of "invisible" support doesn't help someone who's looking for a dentist that aligns with their passions, but there are other ways that they contribute to the community. (I know the themes you're getting at here extend beyond dentists, but I figured I'd throw in a little more context for the tooth docs.)

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