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May 9, 2022, 7:46 a.m. -  tashi

I know a couple of dentists, both of whom USED to mountain bike. One of em is single so he spends his time messing around with Audis, Porches, watches, trips and expensive girlfriends. No time for mountain bikin. The other one gave up the mountain bike after a bit of a crash injured his hand. With two kids at home, a half dozen staff and a half million tied up in his new practice he’s not comfortable with the risk. A real injury to his hand would bring it all down. My dentist and his dentist wife mountain bike. Edit \#2: All of these guys donate dental services to people who can’t afford them.  Broke peoples teeth are way more important then rich people hobbies so they’re making the right choice IMO. Edit: I’d like to also point out that not being listed on an organizations website isn’t a conclusive indicator that you’re not contributing. My business contributes to numerous causes, hosts events for free etc. We’re not in anyone websites as a sponsor because non profits aren’t good at that and we don’t do it for recognition.

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