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May 6, 2022, 12:59 p.m. -  Justin White

Frameset pricing factors are likely: very amenable wholesale pricing on components, and the want for bigger margins on SKUs that don't see that same quantities sold. You might surprised what SRAM charges OEMs for a full groupset, and I'd bet there are stupid deals on full group+fork+shock packages, and frame-only sales just don't hold a candle to full bikes. There could also bee some of the "dealership" factor coming in: shops probably don't want to keep frame-only SKUs in stock, so the OEM makes zero on them until the actual end-user sale, where full bikes are often paid for from the OEM's perspective as soon as they're shipped to the shop. I have definitely done some napkin math and though about getting a basic build just for a frame and selling most of the take-offs. The spec I've built up to over time is in the $6-8K range for most brands now, but with NX builds at $3K and frames at $2K, I could probably either make money (relative to buying frame-only) with an NX build, or at least break even if I wanted to keep something like wheels as a spare. It is pretty silly from this end, but I think it can be sensible from the other end. (All USD, BTW)

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