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May 6, 2022, 12:45 p.m. -  Justin White

"Those who are more familiar with SRAM NX drivetrain components had me convinced the sky would fall" "My luck may run out, but so far I can't complain. I'm currently running the drivetrain on a GX Eagle cassette rather then the stock NX." It's not your luck, and "so far" is the key. It's the corners they cut (or cost-benefit trade-offs, depending on viewpoint) that drastically shortens the useful lives of sub-XO Eagle stuff. The b-pivot bolt on GX, and lower, simply goes to shit too quick, especially compared to the rest of the mech. It gets floppy so fast, you'll think the hanger is bent, or the housing is kinked, but it isn't, it's just the mech flapping in the breeze. And the GX chain is nice enough when new, but it wears pretty fast, especially when considering the price difference to XO with hardened rollers and much longer life. GX cassette I'm actually impressed with: holding up quite well, and shifting crisply even with a Shimano mech!

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