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May 6, 2022, 11:07 a.m. -  Mariano

Hello hello, given the number of eeee and aaaaa in your please, I had to create an account to answer you! You can actually find a few pictures of the prototypes on our website: [\_in\_en/scor-stories?\_\_\_from\_store=scr\_eu\_fr]( [\_in\_en/about-scor?\_\_\_from\_store=scr\_ch\_fr]( There has been two versions, first a Geo only and then one including the kinematics concept. The first one is a BMC trailfox with a cut just behind the HT and suspension links mainly to position the rear wheel in the desired spot. The second one is made of another trailfox in the front (cut in 4 pieces and the RT half BMC fourstroke / half CNC. I used the original suspension pivots to locate and fix the CNC machined suspension. All the carbon work is hidden behind the paint but I hope you can still imagine and understand how it's been built. Hyve a great weekend! Mariano

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