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May 6, 2022, 6:28 a.m. -  Lynx .

Interesting bike, looks really quite nice, will be interesting to read the full review, especially if you managed to get the rear better dialed for overall performance instead of having to tune for each specific type of trail situation - maybe try a different shock, the tune might actually not be perfect for this bike, despite best efforts, maybe a DHX2, so as to evaluate if it's a shock thing or the actual linkage dynamics. With the whole bar width thing, takes a real man to own up to that sort of big mistake, I only wish I had even the slightest ability to be that not sensitive to stuff being off/off balanced like that, I feel if things are 5mm off. Weird about the bump, curious if that's a manufacturing defect or if something was just on the bar causing it? **As to the "bonus" guess on what tool, at what company, would try to DICtate who tested a bike etc., for such sorts of moves, my money will always be on SpecialED. Side note - it always amazes me how a company can charge les than $1k more for a complete built bike over just a frameset, who's fleecing who there?

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