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April 28, 2022, 10:56 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Depends on if you want a full custom USA-Made frame or not I guess? I mean, on its face that price seems like a bargain to a lot of the carbon frames showing up this year?  Clearly, they could do to modernize their stock geometries, and then maybe a less expensive semi-custom frame would make it more attainable.  I've never ridden a Ventana but I've pedaled about on a few custom frames from other brands with their rear ends (it used to be very common to see) and they're a solid linkage-driven single pivot. It would be extra cool, given that they're ground up in-house if they offered some level of custom kinematics as well.  The one-at-a-time factor of aluminum frames brings degrees of customizability that are only being explored in limited ways right now ('Steel Is Real' etc) but I think there are opportunities there even for larger companies to do custom up-charges as a differentiator.  Maybe not now when you can sell SX-level bikes like the drivetrains aren't made of overcooked pasta, but in the future when competition is back to being about a bike company selling you a bike v. the competition being about bike companies getting bikes from factories.

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