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April 28, 2022, 7:40 a.m. -  Martin

Damn, I just bought MT5s to replace SLX M7000s, we'll see how that goes. I never felt the wandering bite point on my SLXs, but like you, I followed Shimano's method (and Marshy's youtube video) for bleeding. I do it before every riding season and I never have to redo it for 6 months. Solid feeling brakes all the time, no wandering bite point. I always store my bike vertically, so maybe this helps? Still eager to get my Maguras here so I can compare, but my SLX lever replacement didn't feel 100% so I decided to try the MT5. I would have bought 4 piston Deores but they were twice the price and I couldn't find any in stock anyway.

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