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April 27, 2022, 5:50 p.m. -  JayB

I’ve tried multiple brakes in the past. From Slx, Zee, Hope e4 and Code R. My current MT7 HC3 is the only set of brakes that spared me from bleeding them every few rides because of inconsistent lever feel. I’m a heavy guy with 209lbs full gear and previous brakes always cooked up my rotors and for some reason I always have fading every now and then. The Magura MT7 is the only brakes that kept me from working on my brakes every now and then because I don’t like how they perform. My last brake was Code R from my sentinel v2 and I really like the modulation. But it fades and I feel it lacks power so it kept hurting my wrist every ride from grabbing the level so much. MT7 blew me away from modulation and power. I like how light the level feels and I don’t need to grab like crazy just to slow down on trails. I recently tried to adjust the HC3 lever to delay the rear from locking and it actually works pretty well. I’ve been using them since the beginning of fall last year and still haven’t had the need to bleed nor adjust the calliper. Haven’t crash on it yet and I hope it will survive, because I’m tired of fiddling with brakes and it seems for now, I found the one that works well for me.

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