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April 27, 2022, 10:20 a.m. -  T0m

I have run MT Trail Sports with HC levers for two years now and really like the consistent feel and power over the SLX I had before. The stock Performance pads were garbage in my experience. They glazed immediately and never broke in. Magura should ship only Race pads. Seriously, why even offer a lower friction pad for modern mountain bikes?  I use the Copper-free metallic pads that Cedric Gracia developed with the German pad seller Disco Brakes, who sell good value pads. The Copperfrees have high braking power and last well with noise on par with Shimano. Discobrakes has a website cheerfully designed in 2002 but these pads are worth a go IME.  Carbotecture is a polarizing material. I’ve not had any issues but shop rats swear they’ve seen cracked and leaky MCs. Magura makes carbotecture OEM clutch cylinders for BMW which seems like a strenuous test environment for the material, minus bike crashes tho. Shimano has basically disposable aluminum master cylinders once worn, so not sure how they’re any better than composite material. If someone has pictures of an exploded or sheared Magura MC from crashing please share. I will agree Carbotecture levers are flexy trash, metal levers all day.

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