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April 27, 2022, 9:03 a.m. -  Sethsg

I have MT7s and they are amazing but there are a few things that make em harder to set up than SRAM or Shimano. You need to bleed them multiple times (as mentioned above), it is difficult to the pads and callipers perfectly aligned with the rotors. Also, I wouldn't recommend getting the 2pc rotors, the rivets have loosened up on my mine after about 5-6 rides and now it feels like my fork and headset are constantly worn out which is annoying.  Also, a question why do they make 203 mm rotors rather than 200mm rotors? Since most bike frames come stock with 200mm mounts, it makes it difficult to find the perfect sized washers. I actually need to sand my pads because I have slightly too thick of washers so about 1mm of pad sticks over the rotor, which means some of the pad's surface has worn in and the top is not worn. So there is a small lip.

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