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March 16, 2022, 8:43 p.m. -  UFO

Your riding impressions sound very similar to a set of their early Slate T4 brakes that I was really happy with. They just felt like they had so much control between say 20-80%, and max power from 80-100% was on par with my tried and true Shimanos. They were so good I bought another set, but one end of this set was a total let down, and the other end was better but not as impressive as my original set. I swapped in some known good pads first with no improvement. Then I swapped levers from my first set and once again no dice. The new levers and pads mated to the old calipers and lines worked well, so by deduction the issue was in the new lines/calipers. All the pistons seemed to move and retract fine, but by the then I had no motivation to troubleshoot down to whether it was the lines or calipers that were the culprit.  The only thing the shop had to offer was "well these are entry level brakes and there's a reason they are cheaper than Shimano's 4 pots". So needless to say I'm back to Shimano's for all of our household bikes, and I haven't shopped at that shop anymore.

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